In this ball-bearing pinball, your point of view moves around four pachinko stages.
Control small flippers to drop balls into targets in order to advance to the next stage, finally to the bonus stage to get a lot of balls and round and round!
You have 150 balls at the outset.
You can get 5 balls at each targets of the 1st stage and 10balls at 4th stage.
Over 800 balls at the end, you completely win!
If you lose all your balls, the game is immediately over. It'll be the sudden death. Otherwise you can play the game for 15 minutes.
Each ball's life time on the stages is 90 seconds.
In this game, all flippers move at the same time by tapping somewhere on the screen.
About the stages of the game,

1. At the 1st stage, align two same numbers except "66" by dropping balls into “L” or “R” checker.
After having done it, you go to the 2nd stage. If numbers are “77”, to the 3rd stage.

2. At the 2nd, make numbers line by dropping balls into number-slots, and to the 3rd.(If the line includes “5”, to the 4th.)

3. At the 3rd, align same numbers by dropping balls into “L” or “R” checker. Central two numbers are given, and to the 4th. )

4. The 4th is a bonus stage. By dropping balls into two open-close targets, you get 10 balls for each entering.
When the number of dropping balls gets over 25,the stockers’ floor breaks and you return to the 1st stage.
Lastly, if you restart the game, please push the "RESTART" button which is indicated for 5 seconds by doing long-press somewhere on the screen. (The long-press is about 3 seconds. The button appears when your finger is lifted.)
I hope that you will enjoy it !